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When you have a great script, nothing short of the perfect voice will do. Choosing a voice that will appeal to your market, and deliver your message in a positive and memorable way is extremely important. Here at Waterfall Media Group, we offer a great selection of topnotch voice talent for radio commercials, TV commercials, narratives and other voiceover projects. Our talent database has been compiled over the last 30+ years and includes talented individuals who not only have a great sounding voice, but a unique style as well. Because it's not what you's how you say it.

We also offer Spanish-speaking male and female voice talent. Please contact us for more information.

Female Voices

Alyson Steel
Anna Vocino
Bo Hudson
Bonnie Keller
Cyndi Vicino
Carole Silvoy
Charlee Redman
Connie Terwilliger
Dana Lyn Baron
Debbie Grattan
Debbie Ruzicka
Deirdre Cooper
Diana Giorge
Elizabeth McGuire
Fran Taylor
Jeannie Stith
Jennifer LaSalle
Jennifer Vaughn
Jo Gent
Kelly Brennan
Kelly Klemolin
Kera O'Bryon
Leah Tyler
Linda Bard
Melanie Taylor
Randi Martin
Susan Bennett
Susanna Fera
Suzanne Smart
Tara Sands

Male Voices

Alan Pratt
Bill Ballenberg
Brian Kirchoff
Carl Swann
Chad Erickson
Chuck Bennett
Clark Anthony
Dan Hurst
D.C. Douglas
Dennis Cahill
Doug Barron
Gene Tognacci
Joe Van Riper
Joe Winters
Ken Haas
Kevin Kilpatrick
Kevin Silva
Klem Daniels
Larry O'Brien
Matt Dragon
Nick Summers
Paul Bicknell
Philip Tanzini
Ron Whittemore
Rory O'Shea
Rowell Gormon
Sam Bogart
Todd Schick
Tom Plasket
Zak Miller

"...Waterfall Media Group is so flexible and easy to work with ... they always have the perfect voice talent, music and more. They also deliver a great product and best of all a great value" - Deborah Leuffen, UGI Utilities, Inc.

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