The creative combination of eye-catching visual images perfectly blended with a strong soundtrack is key to a successful TV commercial. When audio and video work together seamlessly, the end result is stunning. Our dedication to achieving this perfect balance can be seen in every TV commercial we produce. When it looks great AND sounds great, it’s nothing short of exceptional. 

Waterfall Media Group offers cost-effective solutions for TV commercial production, catering to local and regional clients alike. Our capabilities include:

          Shooting on HD, 2k, or 4k Digital Formats
          True 3-D Compositing and Animation
          A stock library of over 10,000 high-quality video clips.
          Non-Linear Digital Video Editing with Unlimited Layers
          High-Quality Still Image Photography and Editing
          Over 9,000 Customizable Transitions and Animations
          Three Music Libraries and Original Music Production
          HD, 2k and 4k Format Animated Backgrounds
          Advanced Text Design and Motion Elements
          National-Quality Professional Voice-Talent