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Develop an overall theme or style for your advertising. In short, make sure all your print ads reflect a similar look and that your broadcast ads have a distinctive sound. Consider using a custom jingle.

Know your target market and select media buys that reach this market effectively. Be sure all your ads, reflect a look or sound that will appeal to your target audience and get their attention.

Coordinate all your media advertising so that print compliments broadcast and vice versa. Use the same slogan or tag line consistently in both and always keep your ads short and sweet.

Stagger your broadcast advertising using the one- week-on, one-week-off strategy. Run radio spots every other week, filling in the off weeks with TV spots of the same promotion.

Concentrate on quality advertising, rather than quantity. In today's world, people know a "Home Grown" campaign when they see or hear one. Spend the time and money to create riveting ads.

Our current services include:

Concept, Filming, Editing and Production of TV Commercials

Concept, Filming, Editing and Production of Corporate Video

True 3-D Animation from Concept-to-Completion

Composition and Production of Advertising Jingles

Concept, Scripting and Production of Radio Commercials

Composing and Producing Original Music Scores


Always be unique and think "Outside-the-Box". A distinct look or sound will get you noticed, not blending in with everyone else. Effective ads are most often the ones that break new ground.

Keep your ads positive and focus on the strengths and good points of what you're offering, rather than slamming your competition. Try to avoid tactics that attempt to scare or pressure the public into doing business with you.

If you're considering using TV or cable, make sure your commercials have a professional look and sound. Producing a TV commercial with a home video camera is not a good idea. Rely on pros that have experience.

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