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Track Record - Day in and day out, for over 30+ years, we have delivered all projects on-time, on-budget, and to the highest degree of client satisfaction. Each and every project, regardless of its budget size, always gets the attention required to make it successful, and the best it could possibly be. It is quite common for us to exceed our clients expectations often. By treating every client as if they were our only client, we have built many business relationships that have spanned our entire existence.

Creative Expertise - When it comes to successful broadcast projects, there's nothing more important than creative writing. If a jingle, radio spot or TV commercial is weak on paper, then it's still going to be weak when it's produced. Waterfall has the innate ability to create and develop an effective broadcast advertising campaign, along with the expertise to produce it to the highest standards. From concept to completion, script to final media file, we'll do it all without missing a beat. 

The Best Technology - In addition to Pro Tools HD hard-disk recording and editing, unlimited audio tracks at 24 bit resolution, 256 MIDI channels of tone generation, Sony and Adobe full HD and 4k video editing, 3-D animation, and automated flying-faders 7.1 surround mixing, we also offer something many competitors lack ... the knowledge and skill to make it all work perfectly. After all, even the best technology is basically useless without an experienced producer at the controls.

Internet Ready - The Technology to deliver HD video and CD quality audio files instantly to clients, talent, and radio/TV stations anywhere in the country is an absolute must in today's business world, and we are well connected. In addition to delivering broadcast projects, the web also links Waterfall to other studios nationwide, thus allowing the sharing of talent and musical resources. All of our radio and TV commercials are currently delivered via the Internet the same day they are produced.

Cost Effective - Being a small, efficient operation located in the suburbs of a mid-sized city has many advantages, one of which is offering very attractive rates. Sure the glamour and glitter of a posh New York studio can be a thrill, but doing a project there won't sound or look any better than one done here. When you take into account that our rates are considerably less, that thrill seems quite trivial. When you spend less producing a project, you'll have more budget left to promote it. 

Music To Your Ears - Using a combination of four different stock music libraries, each with hundreds of great music tracks in all styles, ensures our clients will always get the perfect music for their project every time. When the need for custom scored music arises, we also have the capability to compose and record original music to a client's exact specifications. From short and sweet electronic beds to full blown orchestral scores, we are well versed in all genres of musical production.

Extensive Talent Base - You'll find announcers, narrators, singers, actors, and musicians from around the corner or across the country. On a local level,  Reading, Pennsylvania has a great network of outstanding talent, but it's our close proximity to other cities such as Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Allentown that makes our talent base so extensive. We can even link with dozens of other studios nationwide to find the perfect mix of talent for jingles and other projects as well. 

Perfect Studio Atmosphere - Always clean, always comfortable, our main studio proves to be a great workspace for audio and video. Totally sound-isolated from all outside noise, it's designed for the most critical recording applications. Climate controlled with a year round temperature of 70 degrees and a humidity level of 50 percent, and practically dust-free, the air quality is ideal and actually enhances the performance of our talent. They love it here and you will too.

Reliable Back-Up System - When the red light is on and our hard-drive recorder is capturing an audio or video project, so are two additional back-up recording systems, an optical disc recorder and a second hard-drive system. If our main system should ever fail, these back-ups will ensure that a project will still get produced on time and always sound and look exceptional. Although we have never had to revert to one of these back-ups, it's good to know they're available. 

Fast Turnaround Time - In the day and age where a deadline is sometimes within hours of a client's initial request for that emergency radio spot or TV spot edit, Waterfall is always prepared. Aside from our in-house staff, we have dozens of freelance associates available to handle a sudden surge in the workload. Our clients know when they have a critical need under an impossible timeframe, we'll get it done. This commitment to service is one reason why we've never missed a deadline.

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