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Music is pure emotion. It has the power to motivate you, make you cry, or even scare your socks off. The world would be a very dull place without it. In the USA, an average person hears dozens of different musical pieces every day. Music is everywhere, and to many, it's everything. For critical media projects, the right music can mean the difference between success and failure.

Here at Waterfall Media Group, our expertise in music composition and production is unsurpassed, as is our extreme diversity of musical styles. From a techno-funk groove, to an orchestrated film score, to a big-band track, to a contemporary jazz piece, to a new-age soundtrack and beyond, all genres are covered. Most of our original music work utilizes our massive arsenal of MIDI based sequencers, samplers, synthesizers, and tone modules. This mix is then embellished with real acoustic instruments, producing a final music track of electronic tightness and punch, but yet with a natural human feel, too. The final touches are added with our exclusive mastering process that ensures every track of music will sound its absolute best in the end application.

We currently produce original music for a wide array of applications including radio and television commercials, video games, TV show themes, documentaries, CD-ROM presentations, and many other forms of multimedia. Our efficient creativity and production process enables us to work within virtually any budget situation, and deliver quality scores under extremely demanding time-frames. In addition, we're very easy to work with.

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"...Their music is riveting, refreshingly unique, and produced to the highest standards in the industry. Waterfall is a valuable asset to us, and our clients..." - Randall Quire, Randall Advertising, Inc.

Daydream Dancer
The Test of Time
Optical Confusion
The Vanguard Dance
Perpetual Motion

Jazz/Combo Section
Club On The Corner
The Cadillac Swing
Rosewood And Brass
One Restless Night


Light Mixes/Acoustic
A Perfect Life
Sidewalk Of Chalk
In The Limelight
Lighter Than Air
Beyond The Clouds
After The Rain

Olympic Challenge
Flame Of Victory
Manifest Overture
Global Newscape


Parallel Whispers
Journey To Nowhere
Six Feet Underground
Undaunted World

World/Ethnic Grooves
Palm Island Summer
The Blue Planet
Gold Coast Rhythm


Up-Tempo Pop/Rock
Funk-Yard Dog
Hollywood Highway
Front Row Seat
Moments Of Courage
Less Than Zero


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