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In order for broadcast advertising to be effective, it must be remembered. That is the golden rule. If a consumer forgets your message soon after it was heard, then you've failed. An advertising jingle has ten times the recall power of a spoken commercial, just one reason why advertising jingles are a proven way to enhance your broadcast advertising.

Waterfall jingles are recognized as an effective tool in many advertising campaign strategies. They are written with uniqueness, produced like a hit song, and are slightly "Outside-The-Box", which is why they are so memorable. In today's world of broadcast, the same old, same old, will never do. Every jingle starts with a well-crafted piece of original music, 100% exclusive for each client. To that base we write custom lyrics and create distinctive melodies that impart a client's message in a way nothing else can. Finally, we put it all together using some of the best singers and musicians in the business today. Our advertising jingles are designed to fit nearly every budget and can be produced within even the most demanding time frames.

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"With his innate sense of music, Scott Verret created an advertising jingle that was totally unique...Waterfall's integrity and respect of each clients individual needs are unsurpassed." - Gina Powell, National Penn Bank

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Savage Auto Group
The Reading Eagle
Tom Masano Autogroup
National Penn Bank

CJ's Tire and Automotive
Top Starr Express
California University of PA
Alvernia College
Tom Masano Prize Patrol

United Way Theme 2001
Crest Wholesale Carpet
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Dorney Park and Wildwater
Bieber Tourways

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PC Richard and Sons
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