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There's an old phrase that goes..."When you want something to be heard say it, when you want something to be remembered SING IT ! " In it's simplest form, it can mean putting a slight chant or rhythm to a person's phone number that you want to remember, or maybe associating a melody with your Personal Identification Number so you can recall it more easily.

The fact is, words put to musical notes sink in!  Most people don't walk around the house quoting a famous speech, but everyone can admit singing a line or two from a song once in a while. Did you ever wonder why that song came to mind? The answer is simple. It's because when you originally heard it, it sank in, and was stored in a different part of the brain than just words, because it's musical. Wanna know what part of the brain that is? Yeah, so do we, but that is way beyond the scope of this web page. Our point is, the reason you spend money on broadcast advertising is to be heard AND remembered. Getting your message into the ears of your target audience is the easy part, but getting them to REMEMBER your message is quite a challenge.

An advertising jingle can help overcome this common dilemma. The fact is, a person is ten times more likely to remember a message that's sung to them, as opposed to spoken to them. Believe it, it's true. Those are not our words, they come from national research from dozens of studies over the last 40 years. Well-produced advertising jingles always find a place in the mind of listeners, even those who only listen with half an ear. It's a proven fact. They are an effective sales driven message delivered directly to the brain of your potential customers, disguised as a song.


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