As the name implies, explainer videos are designed to provide detailed information in a way that's easily understood. That information could be focused on how to use a new product, whether it's software (including apps) or a tangible product. In other cases they can be used to provide information about your business, proving to be an effective self-marketing tool. Explainer videos should be relevant, appealing and compelling, encouraging people to keep on watching. Many explainer videos are animated while others contain live-action. It's also possible for an explainer video to use both animation and live-action to get the point across. The key is to effectively explaining the information in a simple and entertaining way which will keep the viewer engaged.

Waterfall Media Group has produced explainer videos for nearly every type of application across many different industries. Our creativity in this area has resulted in one success story after another. With a deep understanding of your product or service, we'll create a concept that will connect with your target audience. Every video is produced from the ground up and is 100% customized to your business, reflecting the style of your other visual ads and website. This ensures the highest level of appeal and ultimately the highest level of effectiveness. So the next time you need to explain something in the most creative way, turn to Waterfall Media Group for a top-notch explainer video, one that will connect with your target audience, entertain them while informing them, and compel them to take action.