Visual Effects Page

Visual effects are an integrated part of nearly all our video production projects. In some cases the results are profound and obvious, while in other cases they’re extremely subtle. But in every case their goal is to enhance and improve the end product. Our team has vast experience in every type of visual effect, knowing every trick in the book.

Green-Screen (Chroma Key) Studio – We have a room dedicated to this well-known effect with a perfectly balanced lighting system. This ensures every scene will look amazing in the final video. We’ve literally spent decades fine-tuning this process.

Advanced Color Grading – With this process we delicately adjust dozens of video parameters to achieve the perfect visual balance in a specific scene. While this is normally used to create the most natural look it can also be used to create an abstract look as well.

Composite Scene Creation – This involves filming many different visual elements separately then digitally combining them to create a unique scene, usually one that would be difficult or impossible to film naturally.

Below you will find samples of these three VXF processes. Please use the navigation arrows to scroll through additional samples.